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Graduation Invitations – Etiquette & Wording Techniques

Graduation Invitations – Etiquette & Wording Techniques

Graduation invitations are an excellent way to bring family and friends together for this momentous occasion. The etiquette and wording techniques used in preparing graduation invitations follows many of the same guidelines as wedding invitations. Graduation invitations can reflect the formality of this event. At the same time, you can take advantage of photo cards and online graduation invitations to make planning your graduation event much easier.

While you may wish to invite everyone you know to the graduation, space limitations often make this impossible. Therefore, find out how many guests each graduate is allowed to invite to the actual graduation ceremony and then base your decisions about who you will invite from there.

Graduation Invitations: Then And Now

In the past, formal graduation invitations invited immediate family members and only the closest friends to the actual graduation ceremony. Seats are often limited and some guests arrive only to discover that they have nowhere to sit. These affairs were treated very much the way wedding invitations were handled and for the same reason. They mark major life changes.

Many times, formal graduation invitations consisted of the invitation itself, blue or black inner and outer envelopes, and a seal is frequently used. Traditionally, graduation invitations included the date, with the day of the week written out, the start and end time, the full address of the location, including city and state, the name of the educational institution, the degree being presented and, the recipient’s full name. Graduation invitations also included a note about the dress code and any graduation party or meal that may follow the ceremony. A request for response, or R.S.V.P., was also included.

Nowadays, graduation invitations are offered in a myriad of ways. Announcements can be personalized by photos, school colors and seals, original designs and other unique ways. Style does not have to be compromised by tradition. Fonts are never unused to follow protocol. Also, recent changes allot for age to be a factor in regards to invitations. Whether it is a graduation from College or Kindergarten, there is always a way to announce the big day.

Graduation Announcements: Share The Good News

Space limitations, travel requirements and budget constraints will keep many loved ones from attending the graduation ceremony and party. Graduation announcements are an excellent way to include those who live too far away to participate in person. Graduation announcements are just as formal as graduation invitations, though they often contain photographs of the graduate.

Graduation announcements often take the form of a photo card made with a picture from the actual graduation ceremony. Photo cards are by far the favorite choice, allowing recipients a view of the graduate’s accomplishment in spite of their inability to attend.

Graduation Invitations, Announcements, And Parties

For the many individuals who you will not be able to invite to the actual graduation ceremony, you have a couple of options. You can host a graduation party following the ceremony and you can send out graduation announcements. In this day and age of high mobility rates, it is not at all uncommon for families to be spread across the nation and across the globe. Many of your long distance relatives will not be able to attend due to travel costs. This does not mean they want to miss out on the good news.

You can find all of your graduation invitation, party invitation, and graduation announcement needs conveniently online. Many of these online providers offer customization options, allowing you to create a personalized set of stationary for all of your graduation event needs. You will want to be sure to get plenty of matching thank you cards for after the event.

Graduation Party Invitations

The wording of your graduation party invitations can be far less formal than the graduation ceremony invitations and graduation announcements. This is the time to enjoy being playful and really celebrating your grad’s success. Photo cards are especially popular for party invitations, very often featuring a family photo of the graduate when they were significantly younger.

As with writing all invitations and announcements, clarity, accurate information, and tone relevant to the event are important. The final note on any social event has always been thank you cards. Thank you cards should be sent in gratitude of gifts, of attendance, and to those teachers and mentors who have helped the graduate achieve this success.