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Funny Baby Shower Game Ideas – Top 5 Fun Baby Shower Games

Funny Baby Shower Game Ideas – Top 5 Fun Baby Shower Games

Planning the best baby shower, and need ideas for baby shower games? Here are the Top 5 Funny Baby Shower Games – starting with the most tame at #5 and ending with the most outrageous at #1! Be warned – you might have your mom-to-be laughing so hard she’ll pee!

#5 – Mommy Mad Libs

You Will Need: Write a story before the shower about the mom-to-be and baby, but then blank out nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Play The Game: Without letting them see your story, ask guest to write down nouns, verbs & adjectives in the order the blanks appear in the story. Collect their papers & then read your story out loud using their words to fill in the blanks. The group chooses the best based on whose version is the most funny.

#4 – Who’s That Baby?

You Will Need: A picture of each guest as a baby, and a paper and pen for each guest to record their guesses. Specify in the invitation if you want them to email the photo ahead of time for you to print or if they should bring their photo along with them to the shower.

Play The Game: Display all of the pictures & assign a number to each. Everyone writes down which baby picture they think belongs to which guest. Then go through the pictures as a group & to identify each baby. The person with the most correct matches wins.

#3 – Tastes Like Chicken

You Will Need: As many outrageous flavors of baby food as you like, spoons, and pen and paper for each guest to record their guesses

Play The Game: Remove the labels from the jars, so guests don’t know the flavors but make sure you keep track of which flavor is which. The winner guesses the most flavors correctly by tasting each, but if you bought combination flavors let them know there may be more than 1 food in each jar!

#2 – Ready, Set, Pee

You Will Need: Jars or cans of equal sizes, quarters and balloons – 1 of each item per player

Play The Game: Each guest puts a blown-up balloon under their shirt and a quarter between their knees. Without dropping the balloon (“baby”) or the quarter (“pee”), guests waddle as fast as they can across the room and then must drop (“pee”) the quarter into the jar (“potty”). The person who pees into the potty first without dropping their balloon-baby is the winner.

#1 – Guess the Poo!

You Will Need: Variety of chocolate bars (ideas: chunky/nutty, dark/light, caramel/peanut butter), a few newborn diapers (the rest of the pack can be given to the pregnant mom after the shower)

Play The Game: Melt a few different types of chocolate bars & spread one flavor of “poo” inside each diaper. Your guests have to identify the brand or flavor of chocolate bar by smelling or tasting the “number 2”!