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Food Specialities of the Seychelles

Food Specialities of the Seychelles

When on holiday in this glorious destination, many travellers enjoy sampling the local cuisine of the Seychelles,which can only be described as a blend of the tropical and all the other cultures that have influenced it over the past centuries, including British, French, Indian, African and Chinese cuisines.

There is something that everyone will enjoy here – from dishes that tantalise the taste buds to local beverages that make the perfect drink by the pool – so tasting some of the specialities from the area should be high up on your list of things to do during your travels to this exotic location.

First of all, it is worth noting that many of the hotels in the Seychelles offer a variety of cuisines, reflecting not only the islands’ mix of flavours and tastes in its own cuisine, but also the tastes of the people who visit the island. With an international airport on Mahe, visitors come from Russia, Britain, China and even further afar to experience this tropical paradise.

Some of the staple foods of the islands include fish and shellfish, as can be expected from the location in the bountiful waters of the Indian Ocean. Rice is a staple grain here, along with coconut, mangoes and breadfruit, a fruit that is cooked and has a flavour that resembles that of freshly-baked bread.

The Indian influence is noticeable as there are many dishes using curry spices on the island, including the traditional Indian Dhal. Another Indian inspired dish here is coconut curry, which combines delicious spices with meaty and tropical coconut for a perfect holiday dish. There is also fish and coconut curry for those that enjoy seafood.

The abundance of tropical fruits on the islands mean that many dishes here use them, including Kat-kat Banana, which is banana cooked in coconut milk, and Carotte Bananas, which consists of bananas wrapped in banana leaves and served with honey and vanilla, a truly fresh and delicious treat that makes the best of some of the delicious fruit available.

Some other delicious local dishes include Soupe de Tectec, which is clams cooked into a soup with tomatoes, ginger and garlic, again showing well the merging of local produce with foreign flavours. Another soup option is Bouillon Bréde, which is a light spinach broth.

For those that prefer something a little more substantial, it is highly recommended to try freshly caught grilled fish with Chatini Seychellois, a chutney made from ginger, garlic and crushed chillies. Many of the hotels in the Seychelles will serve this classic, simple and popular dish, and it is definitely one not to be missed.

Meat is also on the menu here, with Caris Masala, with ingredients including vegetables, meat or fish and masala spices. These include cloves, cumin, mustard seeds, saffron, coriander and fenugreek for a fragrant and satisfying dish. Those looking for something exotic are recommended to try Chatini Requin, which is a chutney made from boiled and crushed shark meat, fried onion and spices.

All of this can be washed down with the Ekyulocal beer, palm wine, coconut liquor, or Dark Takamaka rum, which are all widely available at hotels in the Seychelles as well as licensed bars and restaurants. Some hotels in the Seychelles may also offer their own cocktail concoctions using the selocal ingredients.

If none of the above delicacies tickle your fancy, not to worry: hotels in the Seychelles generally offer a wide selection of menus to please all their international visitors, and it is not hard to find British, Chinese, Russian and Creole cuisine in many of the venues on the different islands, particularly the biggest one, Mahe. In all cases, you are guaranteed not to go hungry during your stay here!