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Father Daughter Celtic Knots

Father Daughter Celtic Knots

The Celtic knot is perhaps the most identifiable of all Celtic art. The knot work is designed in a way that has neither a beginning or an end to the lines and are designed with more in mind than to be pleasing to the eye. They are symbols which show us how we can all be part of the never ending cycle of life and where we add our own strand in the fabric of time.

The symbolic meanings attached to knot work may or may not have any truth to their historical basis though and is not concrete as there are no written records of what the various Celtic knots were originally created for.

The knots are not designed to be merely pleasing to the eyes. They are also symbols that can show us how we are all part of a never ending cycle of life, where we each add our particular strand in the fabric of time and space.

These designs are not only exquisite and beautiful…they also compel the beholder to ascribe the knot meaning, even though the Celtic knot meanings may or may not have any historical basis in fact, and their meanings lie in the eyes of their creators. The symbolic meanings are however abstract in the sense that they relate to the universe and life rather than human emotions or the relationships we have with one another.

The endless strands indicate the bonds that tie us together and as each generation passes, the weave gets stronger and larger as this happens the Celtic knot patterns get more complex. The strands begin to bring themselves back on one another; much like the forthcoming generations will continue to bring the next chapter of generations after that.

The interwoven lines in the Celtic knot are symbolic to the how we are interwoven with those around us and how we continue on into eternity just as others do. They are a reminder of how we are all wrapped up with those who will be joining us in the life and in the life after. Each loop in the Celtic knot is individual and cannot be separated from the whole, just as our relationships in life do the same.

Spiritual Beliefs

It is believed that the interlacing of the strands is a protection against evil. Those who are joined together can defeat evil more so than when we are on our own. The more intricate the interlacing is, the more powerful the protection.

Celtic knots have also been referred to as the endless knot or mystical knot because of their esoteric or spiritual meaning which alludes to beginnings and endings. On looking at a Celtic knot is not easy to find where the strands begins and where they end. This translates into our primal selves and how we contemplate the infinite cycles of rebirth in both the physical and ethereal realms.

On a less spiritual note, Celtic knots also relate to the knots own endless nature. The Celtic knot has an infinite path and because of this it can also represent a life cycle which is uninterrupted. Celtic knots can be used as charms to ward off sickness or ill fortune which might disrupt or interrupt our peaceful, stable existence. Celtic knots were used as an emblem and were either worn or placed in a home.

The Celtic Trinity knot represents unending love whether it is between lovers or spouses or between friends, and even the love that exists between a father and a daughter, parent and child. This knot is a fine example of one of the Celtic love symbols.


There exists a myth in Celtic tradition which tells of a woman called Bridget and her father. Bridget sat and meditated close to her dying father. As she meditated, she began weaving a Celtic knot using rushes she found near the river. Rushes were common materials found in all Irish homes and which were used to cover the floor. While she was weaving her father noticed that she was making a knot, he asked her to explain what she was doing and after she told him the significance of those Celtic knot designs, he was moved to accept Christianity and was baptized before he died.