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Fairytale Themed Wedding Favors

Fairytale Themed Wedding Favors

Fairytale wedding themes are a popular choice for many couples. But wedding favors tend to center around the Cinderella fairytale with glass slippers & pumpkin carriages.

If you would like to provide your guests with wedding favors that are unique & extraordinary, with a fairytale theme, then here are some suggestions which will hopefully provide a ‘happily ever after’!

She remains a firm favorite in fairytale legend so it is only right to include her in this article. Apart from the glass slippers & carriages, what other options are there for Cinderella style favors?

* Bluebirds – in the film bluebirds are a firm feature, helping the mice to make Cinderella’s dress & singing to her as she carries out her work. Use them as a motif on your favor tags, attached to little bags of blue candies or chocolates. Or give bluebird cookies.

* Pumpkins – give pumpkin shaped cookies or miniature pumpkin tarts. If you have a family recipe which uses pumpkins, print it out on parchment style paper & roll up as a scroll. Tie it with ribbon & add a bluebird to each end of the ribbon tails.

Red Riding Hood
Although the story is not exactly a romantic one, the style of Red Riding Hood does lend itself to a wedding, with a red & white folk cum country style. It also lends itself to some very creative wedding favors:

* Grandma’s recipe book – make up little booklets of recipe, titled – Grandma’s Recipe Book, don’t forget to add wolf stew!

* Miniature Picnic Baskets – make up little picnic baskets lined with red & white checked paper or fabric. Fill it with cookies, brownies, fresh strawberries & a sachet of lemonade.

Alice in Wonderland

To some this story may not be, strictly speaking, a fairytale, but it is still a lovely story & full of charm & inspiration for a wedding theme. For wedding favors, how about:

* Playing Card Cookies – the Queen of Hearts had playing card knaves, so why not create cookies to look like them.

* Drink Me! – when Alice first arrives she finds a little bottle with a tag which reads ‘Drink Me’. From memory it had some rather peculiar ingredients such as brunt toast & toffee. Create your own ‘drink me’ potion by designing your own cocktail or use your signature cocktail which you will serve at the wedding. Fill some small screw cap bottles & add your own ‘drink me’ tags.

* Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – find some small one-cup tea pots & fill with mini cookies or confectionary. Alternatively, make up some sachets of ‘Mad Hatter Tea’.

Other Fairytale Wedding Favors

Although not associated with any particular fairytale, the following would be great ideas for wedding favors:

* Crown or tiara tea light holders.
* Gold & silver chocolates or almonds in organza bags or treasure chest style boxes.
* Throne style card holders
* Crown or tiara photograph frames

Your Own Fairytale Story

Why not star in your own fairytale? There are two ways you could do this. The first involves writing the story yourselves in a fairytale style – ‘Once upon a time…’ You could make it into a little booklet or print it out & present it scroll style in scroll boxes.

The second way is to find a company that will add your names to a fairy story or create one especially for you. This makes for the ultimate unique & personalized wedding favor!