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Fabulous Wedding Favor Ideas

Fabulous Wedding Favor Ideas

The best way to say thank-you, no matter what the occasion, is with a gift. This statement has never been truer than on your wedding day. Often, most brides put off the purchase of the favors until the last minute because their to-do list is already a mile long, and they often think they have plenty of time, until their time runs out. But, your favors don’t have to be a hassle. There are so many great ideas out there that you can make yourself or purchase to help your give a wonderful gift that says thank-you in the perfect way.

  1. Wedding CD. This is a great idea, and something you can do yourself. This isn’t recommended if you are having a huge wedding, but if you are having a small intimate gathering, this may be just the favor for you. Compile a list of your favorite songs you will be using in your ceremony and at your reception. You can make your list anywhere from five to twenty songs long, just keep in mind who you will be giving it too. If there will be lots of older guests, don’t give them a CD full of rap music. After you have your list, you can burn the songs onto a CD. Make as many CD’s as you want. You can even purchase printable CD labels that will customize the look of your disc.
  2. Let Your Love Grow. Another neat idea, would be to purchase small flowerpots and plant either your favorite flower, the flower used most throughout your wedding, or maybe some ivy in the little pots. You can tie a ribbon around each pot that is one of your colors and write your names and wedding date on each pot. Sure this may be time consuming, but its unique and your guests will really appreciate the thought that went into each one. Another interesting idea that goes with this is to provide seeds in custom seed packets that say you and your groom’s name along with your wedding date and a catchy phrase. This will allow your guests to take them home and plant them where they want.
  3. Candy Buffet. This is a popular idea being used at a lot of weddings. Basically, you purchase some pretty glass containers, either ones that mimic the old candy store look, or ones that are antique and possibly the colors you are using. You fill your candy buffet with you and your groom’s favorite types of candy and then provide baggies or boxes for your guests to fill up and take home as much as the want. Another neat twist, if you are having an ethnic wedding, is to fill your candy buffet with candy that represents your background. For example, if you are Chinese, you may consider having a candy buffet that is filled with Chinese candy.
  4. Flavor of Love. This is a fabulous idea, especially for fall or an English garden-themed wedding. Purchase some pretty custom bags, if you are having a fall theme you might consider purchasing natural sinimay envelopes or for a English-garden theme, you could use organza bags. Once you purchase your bags, you could purchase several boxes on mixed flavors of teas and ciders packets and put a packet in each bag or envelope. You could attach a little note card to each one that says a word of thanks and has your names and wedding date on them. This is a comforting gift, you may want to even provide hot water and mugs so that your guests can enjoy them while at the reception in they want.

These are some great wedding favor ideas, and there are so many more ideas out there. You should definitely get creative and choose a favor idea that represents your big day and you as a couple. After all, this is your way of saying thank-you for coming, so you should consider how you want to say that and say it with class.