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Drink Coaster Types

Drink Coaster Types

Planning for a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary and other special event? Then you must be looking for something that will be useful and at the same time affordable favor that everyone will appreciate and adore then try Drink Coasters!

Coasters are fast becoming popular favor for any type of occasion. We can see it everywhere may it be in restaurants, offices, hotels and even right at your very own home. It will be great to make these drink coasters a part of your special day or event. They will not only protect your furniture against stains or ring marks caused by your favorite drinks but at the same time they can also be a beautiful decor at your dining table or kitchen.

There are lots of drink coaster types to choose from and each of it has its own beautiful and unique way of making your venue or place look elegant and stylish. Here are some of the popular drink coaster types that you might be interested of:

Personalized Coasters will make your occasion truly unique. Having your name, date of event or even your short message on each coaster, it can absolutely bring personal touch to your coaster favors. With its various designs, you can surely find one that will suit your personal taste and style. This type of coaster will serve as a good remembrance of your wonderful and special day.

Photo Coasters are considered as multi-functional coasters since aside from being a drink coaster it can also serve as a photo frame and place card holder. It can be made from many different materials such as glass, wood or bamboo. Perfect item to show off your favorite picture. It can also help lead your guests to their respective seats.

Blank Coasters are usually made from wood, glass, paper, cork and many more. Others prefer to choose this type for simplicity purposes. It can perfectly go well with any type of occasion or special event.

Paper Coasters are disposable coasters that are usually used by restaurants. They are customized according to logos, themes or designs. No need of washing or high maintenance on this type. This type is disposed every after use.

Choosing the right type of coasters can bring a big difference to your occasion. It is really important to have a favor that best represents you and your partner’s style. Your guests will absolutely appreciate if you can give them a favor that they can use and treasure for a long time.

Personalized coasters will make a good wedding favor since it can contain important details of the event and even can be a great tool to send your heartfelt message to your families, friends and guests.