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Don’t Overlook These Ideas for Unique Wedding Favors

Don’t Overlook These Ideas for Unique Wedding Favors

Giving your guests a small token of your appreciation for them being there on your special day is a common custom, and wedding favors have become a big business these days. There’s really no end to how much money you can spend or what type of items you can purchase as favors. However, no bride wants her wedding and reception to look like everyone else’s, and this is especially true when it comes to her wedding favors. Even if she buys them from a company online, chances are she’ll still want them personalized!

If you are looking for something unique and personal for your own reception, here’s some ideas for wedding favors that you might consider.

For one, small painted wooden boxes are not only nice to look at as wedding favors but are practical as well. Virtually everyone can use a box as storage for their desk, a drawer, a nightstand, or bookshelf. You can dress these up by either handwriting or printing on your computer with a nice font a personal message that you leave inside the box. Many craft stores have a variety of boxes, and some are even heart-shaped, which would make them a great option for wedding favors.

Small candles are another great idea for favors. Even men will probably find a use for a candle, whether it’s in his bathroom or bedroom. Be sure to exercise caution if giving them away to children; they need to be sure to not use them without their parent’s permission, but even younger children appreciate having their own candles as wedding favors. If you purchase inexpensive one, wrap them with a length of wide ribbon to dress them up.

Notepads in a beautiful color that matches your wedding’s theme, or a nice pen are also pretty but practical wedding favors. Small paperweights that are heart-shaped or otherwise festive are also great and are used by just about anyone, at the office or at home.

Remember when you choose unique wedding favors [http://www.favorsandwraps.com] to have something that reflects the bride’s and groom’s personality. Chopsticks are if either the bride or groom is Asian, since most people enjoy Asian food at one time or another and will keep a quality set of chopsticks on hand.

If either or both enjoy reading and intellectual pursuits, consider bookmarks, either silver placeholders or printed ones. You can usually design your own and have an office supply store or printer actually print them on posterboard paper and cut them for you.

Small potted plants can also be great options, especially if you personalize the little pots they’re in. Use a stencil, or if you have good handwriting and a steady hand, you can use a paint pen to write a special message yourself. Even children will appreciate receiving these as wedding favors, as they will watch over their little plant like it’s a new pet.

These are just some ideas for unique wedding favors [http://www.favorsandwraps.com] remember that your wedding is your day, so with a little bit of imagination and some time shopping, you’re sure to find just the right favors for your reception.