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DIY Wedding and Party Ideas Part 1 – Chiyogami

DIY Wedding and Party Ideas Part 1 – Chiyogami

Chiyogami is an ancient paper made and printed by hand. To make it, purified water is used with natural fibres for strength and longevity. This creates a type of paper that is very lightweight, flexible and durable, so you can apply a fair amount of stress and it will stay beautiful and intact.

The variety of patterns and colours available today is sure to fit anyone’s style and occasion.

Even if traditional Japanese patterns do not match your taste, there are hundreds of modern designs and colour combinations, including iridescent finishes for a more delicate look.

Some of the most common uses for chiyogami are for card making and small decorative touches to existing items, simply as a way to revamp something or give it a bit of a fresh look.

One of the best ways to use it is within a theme. For example, purchase an inexpensive guest book and wrap the covers with chiyogami, or if you would like to dress up a plain book, cut out chiyogami silhouettes of anything you like.

If you have a nature theme, flower or plant silhouettes on a solid cover would add an almost storybook look to it. If you prefer a more romantic look, cut out curved vines or feathers and arrange them to one corner or side. Finally, if you prefer a simple but dressed up look, simply add a strip of decorative chiyogami to one edge.

By adding other details like a chiyogami wrapped pencil or pen, and perhaps an origami piece next to it, you immediately have a theme and items tied together as a matching set.

If a guestbook is not your style, and you want something different, try making a guest note “tree”. The basic idea of a note tree is to write a special note for the wedding couple and tie it to a branch or other object from an art installation. The guests get to decorate an object to show their love and congratulations.

The note tree also allows the guest to be a little more creative or personal, without the worry of having other guests read their note (or see drawings, if any).

To continue along with the chiyogami paper decorations, it’s a good idea to make or add small details (just like the guest book) to tie in a complete look or theme.

I will give you a few ideas for different (and simple) decorative additions for a lovely wedding party.

Napkin Rings are quite simple, all you need are strips of chiyogami to tie around the napkins, or, for a little more depth, make mini origami pieces that can be secured to the strip as a little charm.

If you would like something a little more complex, there is a variety of origami models that can be used. For example, attaching several mini origami pieces to a ribbon, or securing them to each other around the napkins.

Chiyogami coasters are also simple to make, and since the paper is very durable, it will not tear or fall apart easily if it should get wet.

There are several ways to make the coasters.

One would be to make them with simple origami models.

Another way is to adhere it to heavy stock paper or cardboard, then cut out any shapes that you prefer.

A third option that is very pretty (but a little more time consuming) is an origami lotus blossom. They are large blossoms with a gap in the middle that a glass can fit into.

If coasters are not needed, adding simple little charms to the champagne/wine glasses might be a lovely little addition.

Alternatively, adding the little charms to champagne glasses filled with mousse is a great touch for dessert.

To make them, choose iridescent or metallic chiyogami, cut it into small squares (approximately 5cm) and fold into any origami model you prefer. To tie it, just secure the origami (either by threading it or adhesive) to a string or light ribbon, and tie around the stem of the glass.

Finally, a very lovely origami decoration is a little origami model placed at everyone’s seat either to indicate their names or just to decorate their plates before they are served food.