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Different Kinds of Wedding Photography

Different Kinds of Wedding Photography

Saying for better or worse and I do are the most exciting parts for every couple alongside having cake at the reception. Couples plan their wedding months or even years in advance just to make sure everything will be in order on the big day. The caterers and the church are booked, the gown and tux are fitted and the wedding entourage is finalized just in time for the big day. In order to have nice photographs to use for the invitations and to also get to know the photographer more, the pre-wedding shoot is done before the actual wedding day.

Couples nowadays have different appointments with their photographer for the pre-wedding photograph. Couples can avail different types of pre-wedding photography. These are: a save the date photo shoot, an engagement or pre-nuptial photo shoot and a test photo shoot at the wedding location. These further provide the couple the photos to use for the wedding day.

A save the day photo shoot is usually done in order for the couple to have pictures in their save the date video. This basically asks the guests of the wedding to save a specific date. This further announces the couple’s plan on getting married, where and what time. The romantic stages of the couple’s love story before they decided to get marries could be shown here. These show the fun and quirky side of the couple. It can be done at locations memorable to the couple like where they met or where they shared their first kiss.

Once the save the date photo was done the engagement or pre-nuptial photo shoot immediately follows. Couples have different preferences when it comes to shooting their save the date and engagement shoots; some would like to do it all in one time while the other would like to do it separately. The bride’s engagement ring will be shown in the pre-wedding photography shoot and it’s usually held in a romantic location. Like the save the shoot, this could also be done at the couple’s memorable place. The photos from this shoot are usually used in the invitation and the various backdrops at the reception. The romantic side of the couple will be shown in here.

The last part of the pre-wedding shoot is not a formal shoot. Some photographers prefer having some knowledge about the location of the wedding before the day itself. In order to know where the lights enter what lenses to use and what other types of equipment to bring the clients may be invited by the photographer to have a test shot at the venue. These shoots are usually done a few days before the actual wedding.

Through these pre-wedding photography shoots the couple and the photographer will have more interaction making them more comfortable and at ease with each other. Through this the photographer will have easier time to shoot during the wedding day itself.