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Designer Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Designer Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Planning your wedding day is such a daunting process, you have to plan where to hold the ceremony and reception. You have to choose whether to have a band or a DJ, you have flowers to order, caterers to interview and deposits to pay.

Then there is your dress and your bridesmaid dresses. Everything needs to come together in unison, blending in with the theme of your wedding day and ensuring you look spectacular as you make your day down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams.

The good news is that a host of designer bridesmaid dresses available and they don’t have to cost the earth. Once you’ve set your budget, you can start searching. Even if you find what you’re looking for in-store, always search for the same design online, online is usually considerably cheaper, helping you stay within your budget for gowns.

Off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice because they suit most body shapes. This means you should not be too concerned on whether it will only suit half of your entourage. Once you’ve decided on a bodice, you can start considering whether to choose long or short, this is down to personal preference and what you feel will complement you on your special day.

Darker colours are very trendy and can show off the white of your own gown. Black has become a very common choice in an off the shoulder design with long flowing skirt. Darker greys are also a popular choice. Imagine walking down the aisle and you are the one that stands out in white among a sea of black or dark grey.

Most brides choose the same style designer bridesmaid dresses for all their women. While this works well if you want to keep everything uniform, mixing the colours can also create a spectacular finish to your day. If you have six bridesmaids all in the same dress, but three are in one colour and three in another, you’d be amazed how spectacular it looks in photographs, if you get them standing next to you for those special wedding photographs.

Bold and vibrant colours are also very trendy and a welcome addition on your wedding day. If you’re having an autumn wedding, you can choose bright orange for your designer bridesmaid dresses or spectacular yellow, giving you a better look while staying in theme.

Designer bridesmaid dresses brimming with sequins have always been a popular choice. Sequins can add a bit of character to the gowns, making them stand out and adding a special finish to your overall dress designs.

There is nothing that says the designs you choose have to be long and flowing, though it’s always worthwhile to consider the shape of the women that will go with you down the aisle. Short dresses are very popular, especially for spring and summer weddings.

Always consider the fact that one of your women may fall pregnant before the day, which happens more often than you can imagine. Which is why you want to choose a design that are worn by anyone, off the shoulder, long and a darker colour can keep your women looking the same, even if one is well on her way to having a baby.

Finally, take special care when choosing the bouquets your ladies will carry. Their bouquets shouldn’t overshadow yours and should enhance the colour and style of their dresses. It an option to choose smaller versions of your bouquet, or at least one using the same flowers, creating that perfect finish as you walk together and have photographs taken together.