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Creative Wedding Favor Bookmark Ideas

Creative Wedding Favor Bookmark Ideas

Here are some creative bookmark ideas and how to easily blend them into any wedding themed event like vow renewals, bridal showers and anniversaries. You can use photos or special themes and colors and transform your bookmarks into something more than just marking a place in a book or hanging as a refrigerator magnet. Your personalized bookmarks will become keepsakes that your friends and loved ones will keep on hand for years to come because they’ll know you put a little of yourself into each one.

Each of these creative bookmark ideas will give you some ways to use your bookmarks or design them to fit whatever event you need to use them for, whether you’re announcing your engagement or celebrating a vow renewal after a few years of marriage.

Whether you decide to use them as stand-alone favors or added to another type of favor like mints or candies, these ideas for bookmarks as favors or announcements are sure to help you decide how and where you want your bookmark favors to blend into your theme.

Ideas for using personalized laminated bookmarks for weddings & vow renewals…

We know that personalized bookmarks are an exceptionally easy way to say thank you to your guests for sharing your special day with you. Some of the ways that you can use your bookmarks as wedding favors are:

  • Place them in your ceremony programs. Your guests can admire them while following the program along with your ceremony.
  • Use a ribbon to tie the bookmark to another favor such as an organza bag with a candle inside or a small token box of mints to dress up the mints.
  • For vow renewal ceremonies, add a photo taken from your original wedding to the bookmark to celebrate the years you’ve been together.

Creative bookmark ideas for bridal showers…

Show your shower guests how much you appreciate their gifts and sharing in the fun party that your bridesmaids have given you by including a personalized laminated bookmark in with any other favors or even as a stand-alone favor:

  • Choose a custom bookmark design with a photo of a wedding dress or veil
  • Design the bookmark with an engagement photo
  • Clip a bookmark to the favor bag that you give to your guests.
  • Attach a bookmark to custom wrapped candy bar

Ideas for using personalized bookmarks as wedding announcements…

Every couple has friends or relatives that were not able to attend the wedding ceremony or reception. Let them know they were missed and thought of by sending them a special personalized bookmark announcing your wedding day.

You can include it in with an announcement card or send them a ceremony program with the bookmark favor inside. Your friends and relatives will feel honored that although they were not able to be there in person, you still care enough to send them special favors anyway.

These are just some creative bookmark ideas that will help start the ball rolling and hopefully provide other options of how bookmark favors can be easily mixed with other favors or used alone as favors or even announcements of upcoming events.

Whatever the occasion, your family and friends will love receiving your little gift that says a lot.