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Create Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony – Yummy Edible Wedding Favors For Your Perfect Wedding

Create Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony – Yummy Edible Wedding Favors For Your Perfect Wedding

Tiny little edible gifts make great wedding favors. Tiny is important. Everyone flew in from everywhere, and their bags were crammed, especially now that it costs to put things in the hold. So a huge bag of goodies doesn’t fit in a purse or in the luggage. So think small. The wedding is already lavishly delightful!

  • Traditional foods: Jordan Almonds, sugared dates, and now of course, one perfect truffle. (At the last wedding, the bride’s Scottish family brought along small Cadbury chocolates and tucked two of them into a little packet. I graciously shared one with my sister later while I told her tales of the wedding. Perfect little thank you!)
  • Cookies: I’ve seen sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Mexican wedding cookies and brownies tucked into a little packet because they all had meaning to the couple. What I’d want to see, so that the gift could keep on giving, was a recipe! (it’s always a bad idea for the bride to bake for two days right before the wedding. If they can’t be frozen and then thawed for the wedding, probably better to hand out the recipe card. It’s incredibly generous, but you probably have other things to do!
  • Up and coming: Packets of Teas or Coffees (this one is hard on the “small enough to pack” scale and is not inexpensive!).
  • Delicacies made by friends: My niece’s best woman made her these fabulous little nets filled with pastel white chocolate goodies. Since then I’ve seen other such wonders appear on the table. Her best woman had so much fun doing this for Jan and they were wonderful. Another bride’s friend gathered everyone’s Altoid tins, decorated them and then filled them with tiny little cheese straws. They were wonderful too! There are lots of things along this line, but you need a really good friend.
  • A version of food you shared during the wedding ceremony: If you and your partner shared a peach during the ceremony as a symbol of the fullness of love, offer a small bag of peach candies. Anything that reminds people of the wedding vows they witnessed is a way to keep drawing them back to supporting the marriage, and that’s what you want!

I think one of the most important things to remember about any favor is to remember that they’re really just tokens of gratitude. And most people would rather get something personal or easily consumable than something awkward to carry and not particularly useful. So, don’t use favors if there’s not something you feel inspired to do!