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Church Bulletins – Christmas Is Not the Only Time to Get Customized Bulletins

Church Bulletins – Christmas Is Not the Only Time to Get Customized Bulletins

Many Christians don’t realize everything that goes into planning a church service, and this includes church bulletins. The church worship team has to practice the songs they are going to sing. Someone has to make sure all of the people are in place for running the nursery while everyone is in church. You also need to make sure there are people that are helping out in each Sunday school class for the children, and you are going to need greeters to welcome everyone that comes. Don’t forget about getting the elements together for Holy Communion! Lastly, the pastor needs to come up with a sermon to preach at church on Sunday. He may be speaking for up to an hour or longer, so they will need a lot of time to prepare!

The church bulletins probably aren’t the first church tasks that come to mind, but the bulletins tell everyone what is happening in the church. Bulletins aren’t just for Sunday morning services either. They are often used in other events too. Some of the other popular events at churches include:

Wedding Bulletins
It is probably a good idea to keep wedding bulletins on hand at all times. While many weddings are well advertised and well prepared ahead of time, there are some couples that get married fast, and they need a place where they can hold a wedding with just a few weeks notice. When couples get married quickly, they may not have time to get everything together before the wedding, and your church can include the wedding bulletins used in the ceremony. In addition to having the bulletins in stock well before weddings, you can include the bulletins in the fees you charge to use the facilities for a wedding ceremony.

Thanksgiving Bulletins
Many churches hold Thanksgiving Day services, or they have services the night before the big holiday. If you are holding a ceremony for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to make sure you have specialty Thanksgiving services that have a traditional Thanksgiving cover to recognize the special holiday. Some bulletins have pictures of pumpkins and other harvest festival type photos, and other bulletins simply have a photo of a fruit basket with a message to “Give Thanks”.

Easter Bulletins
It is the most important holiday for Christians, and Easter bulletins are a subtle way to emphasize the importance of this special day. Many of the popular Easter bulletins will have a photo of an empty cross. Other bulletins will have photos of flowers and other festive Easter colors. Some bulletins have Scripture references to the resurrection. You’ll want to make sure your church bulletins are relevant to the holiday.

Christmas Bulletins
In all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it is so easy to lose sight of what is really important at Christmas time. There are a wide variety of church bulletins you can purchase at Christmas. You might purchase bulletins with advent candles. You may want bulletins with a more traditional photo on the cover, or you may want to have Christmas bulletins with Scripture references on the front.

There are church bulletins for other occasions too. Some other holidays where you may want to use specialty church bulletins include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July.