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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue In Magaliesburg

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue In Magaliesburg

Your wedding is an important day in the lives of you and your future spouse and should be remembered as a time of great joy, not aggravation, and that includes the planning stages. When planning your wedding, it is important to select the right wedding venue as choice of venue can mean the difference between an average wedding and an amazing one. So when you start scouting wedding venues, it is worth considering a wedding venue in Magaliesburg because it just might be the perfect place for you.

Situated less than an hour from the bustling cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, Magaliesburg provides a tranquil getaway from city life which is ideal if you want a change of pace for your wedding. Nestled at the foot of the magnificent Magaliesburg Mountains, the attractive town of Magaliesburg has a rich history and a heritage that dates back to prehistoric times. Magaliesburg is home to a variety of flora and fauna which can be enjoyed by taking one of the numerous nature trails in the area, with bird watching being a popular highlight. Because Magaliesburg is geared towards catering to visitors, your wedding guests will be able to stay over in beautiful surroundings, thus conveniently avoiding the usual difficulties like traffic jams and watching one’s drinks limit, which often accompany weddings in big cities. Many a venue in Magaliesburg has its own on-site wedding chapel, so brides can relax and not worry about getting to the church on time. And let’s not forget that the happy couple can enjoy a honeymoon in the Magaliesburg after the wedding, without having to leave the reception early to get to the airport in time for check in.

The Magaliesburg region is often warm and temperate with a holiday ambience which makes a wedding venue in Magaliesburg the perfect alternative to a beach wedding. What is more, much of Magaliesburg is clustered around Hartebeespoort Dam, with its marinas and emphasis on water sports, giving it the look of a beach town. With such a large body of water so nearby, landlocked highveld wedding couples can enjoy the sensation of taking their vows by the water’s edge but with none of the hassles like wind and sand that frequently accompany a traditional beach wedding. Magaliesburg also offers wedding venues with a rustic but elegant feel, should you decide to go for one of the many lodges, guesthouses and conference venues in the area. Another option is to choose a wedding venue that offers bush weddings so that your guests can enjoy a game drive while attending your wedding and experience the excitement of the South African bush. If communing in nature is not your thing, you can view the beautiful Magaliesburg countryside from above in a hot air balloon. Throw in one or two spa treatments for you and your betrothed, and you will have a blissful wedding experience to remember for years to come.