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Candle Collecting 101 – Why Collect Candles?

Candle Collecting 101 – Why Collect Candles?

Whether you are a casual collector who likes buying nice candles that catch the eye, or a serious die-hard candle collector that gets your hands on every candle garden and fountain holder that you can get, learning why candles are a good idea to collect will help reinforce your desire to collect them:

Candles come in different shapes and sizes
As with any collectible item, candles come in different shapes and sizes to fit a collector’s desires and specifications. It is this wide array of options that gives candle collecting a unique breath of fresh air that variety brings to it.

From small and simple tea light candles to flowing candle fountains to large, almost man-sized candles, you can expect to find a wide variety of candles to save your desire for different candles to keep your collection fresh and updated. This variety provides not just a collection to invest in, but a beautiful work of art to enhance your home and office space.

Candles are compact
Most candle collections are composed of relatively small and compact pieces. This makes it easier for you to both store and display them, as smaller and more compact pieces can be put away in boxes while their small size makes them ideal and easy to place around a room.

This only applies when you collect the standard fare of small candles available on the market. All this would be moot if you plan to start collecting an assortment of massive, life-sized candles. Then they would not be as compact as their smaller brethren.

Candles add atmosphere
Unlike other collectibles that are about as useful as a stick in the mud, candles can actually serve multiple purposes: they serve as a very welcome aesthetic addition to any space they fill up.

Even unlit, the mere presence of candles adds an elegant touch to a room. There really is just something about these little pillars and columns of wax that gives them a unique power over other pieces of art.

But when candles are lit do they really serve to enhance the atmosphere in a room. Their warm and gentle glow breathes life into a room; welcoming all to sit, stay and keep them at ease. And one of the best atmospheres that candles can enhance is a romantic one: snuggling up to your special someone with a few scented candles burning in the background definitely ups the romantic factor tenfold.

Candles are affordable
If you plan to collect candles, you do not need to break the bank to do so. For what they are worth and what they can add to your home, candles are very cost-effective options to collect.

An intricately designed candle garden can range from $15 to $50, and even these $15 gardens are beautifully crafted and rendered to perfection. This means you do not need to spend a small fortune when you want to beautify your home with a collection of candles. That and the atmospheric effect a soft, burning flame has on your home are definitely worth more than what you will pay for in cash.