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Black and White Printable Wedding Invitations With A Lime Green Accent

Black and White Printable Wedding Invitations With A Lime Green Accent

Have you seen the latest in black and white weddings? You still use the basic theme of black and white but add lime green accents throughout. What a gorgeous combination! I have seen pictures of wedding cakes with lime accents, bouquets of white roses with lime greens and lime ribbons. I have seen black martini glasses with lime wedges, black tablecloths, with white linens and lime green table runners. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Intrigued? Let’s play with the idea by using the first thing your guest will see which is the wedding invitation. It is here that you can first introduce this color scheme. Following are three suggestions for elegant and inexpensive wedding invitations:

1. Black Invitation Style: There are many different styles you can choose from but two that are popular are pocket folders and layered invites. Pocket folders are tri-folds with a side pocket or a bottom pocket for the response card. Black pocket folders can be found in a linen paper, a flat smooth paper, or a shimmer paper. Collect samples of side and bottom pockets in each of the aforementioned papers and see which one gives the “feeling” of your wedding. A layered invitation is “layered” with different types and colors of 80 lb. card paper. For the type of invitation we are talking about, you would have a black card for your bottom layer and a white card for your top layer.

2. Clip art and Colored Ink: One way to save 30% to 50% on the cost of your invitations is to print them yourself. You can purchase DIY printable wedding invitation kits from a variety of internet stores all which come with easy to use printing instructions. But then, this is where the fun begins! There is so much clip art available on the web that you can literally create unique masterpieces with your invitations by adding a clip art design to your printing process. And as we are using the black, white and lime green theme, why not use lime green or green ink on your invitations? You can either print the whole thing in green or the clip art in green and the invitation in black. Using clip art and green ink will give your black and white invites a unique but professional look at a considerable savings.

3. Lime Green Ribbons: Fastening your invites with lime green ribbons is a wonderful way to introduce your color theme of black, white and lime green. You can use a love knot or a bow when using ribbon to fasten a black pocket folder or a layered kit. You can also combine the ribbon with a seal if you don’t want to tie that many bows. Either way, it will be an elegant look and complete the theme.

So if you are planning a black and white formal wedding consider using lime green accents for a breath of spring. Start right by using lime green ribbons to accent your black and white wedding invitations and create your own, unique variation on a traditional theme.