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Be Organized With a Wedding Planning Checklist

Be Organized With a Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Your wedding will be the biggest party you will ever organize and unless you are experienced at planning one you will likely need all the help you get. That is why having a wedding planning checklist will be the most important tool you will need to successfully plan your wedding day.

Finding a checklist is not difficult. Many wedding websites have them free to download and most bridal magazines will carry a version you can cut out keep. The trick is to find one which you can use efficiently and which corresponds with your wedding plans. This is not as easy as it may seem as most wedding planning checklists are designed according to a generic template and so may not suit every wedding.

Downloading a free checklist is the best form of checklist to obtain as you can then edit it using word processing software to fit with your wedding style and plans. You can also adjust the timeline, which is usually over an 18 month period, to fit with the time you have left till your wedding day.

But don’t just settle for the first checklist you come across. Make sure you find one which contains enough detail for you to efficiently plan your wedding and one which will ensure you do not omit anything important or forget any of the finishing touches. You also need to make sure that each segment contains the correct tasks for that period within your planning. A bad checklist will have you ordering your cake too early or your wedding favors too late. Try to compare several different checklists, both online and in magazines, to find one which best fits the bill.

Finally, look for one which comes with bonus extras, such as an eBook on wedding planning and a wedding budget planner will help you to breakdown your wedding budget so you can see how you have to spend on each element of your wedding, such as your reception, your wedding dress and flowers. A wedding checklist is an invaluable tool but you need to make sure you pick the right one or your wedding plans could be thrown into disarray!

Once you have your checklist make sure you save the original (edited version) on your computer and print out several copies for yourself and everyone else who will be involved in your wedding planning. This could include your groom, your maid of honor, your bridesmaids and your mom. If you need to edit it again you have a copy on your computer which you can quickly change and re-print.