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Asian Wedding Invitations Ideas

Asian Wedding Invitations Ideas

Here are some ideas to help with your Asian wedding arrangement.

You can send a wedding invitation to your guests with a little bit of difference.

A chocolate edible cookie invite instead of a fortune cookie. Each cookie can have the same message created by you. If you have a small number of guests. Why not try and customise your invite by icing a personalised message from both of you. Place in a tiny wedding favor box. Deliver in person to each of your guests. Your guests will be over the moon at your thoughtfulness.

We always associate elephants with the Far East. You can choose such a sacred animal on the front of your red wedding invitation. With a little touch of class you can chose a wedding invitation which opens in the middle. Then you can secure by tying a sheer ribbon in the colour of your choice. Add a little motif on one side and leave the opposite side blank.

A neat and novel idea would be to have a red rose paper seal. This could hold each side of the invitation together. Once broken the wedding guests can then view your wedding wording inside the card.

Another neat treat would be to place silk red rose petals inside your wedding invitations. This would be a treat for your guests when they receive their card through the post.

An elegant thought would be to place silk red rose petals inside your wedding invitations. This would be a treat for your guests when they receive their invitation through the post.

Brides and grooms can opt for a Cherry Blossom color when choosing their Asian theme.

You can choose a Blossom theme running through the card. You can highlight the bride and groom names. Follow this by your wedding invitation wording. Please remember to place a RSVP at the foot of the invite.

Another Asian suggestion would be to have a single red card with perhaps a bamboo style. This could go down one side with a happiness and fertility sign at the top of the invite. On the opposite side place your invitation words.

You can break with the traditional red and cherry blossom colour. How about a black and white theme for your wedding invitations. For an elegant wedding invite you can add a white orchid. You can choose a white lily on one side and again on the opposite side you can write your wording.

If you prefer a modern design to your wedding invitations. Try a plain cream card with a Far Eastern symbol of happiness and health as a good luck charm.

Up date an old tradition of receiving your invite on a scroll. You can tie up a red wedding scroll combining elegance and tradition. This will add a modern twist. This will be sure to please all generations of your family happy, young and old.