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Arrange Your Whole Wedding Party’s Fun For Vegas Reception

Arrange Your Whole Wedding Party’s Fun For Vegas Reception

Getting married in Las Vegas is so incredibly popular that there are now actually over three hundred weddings per day there. That is a huge amount of nuptials going on at any given time!

Many people are now planning their Las Vegas wedding reception ahead of time so that they can have all the features they want in their wedding. The quickie drive-through wedding is popular of course, but more and more people are booking facilities and services for their wedding before they get to Las Vegas. The wedding reception is just such a planned event now because many couples who wed in Vegas bring along family and friends to share their experience.

Because Las Vegas is pretty much the entertainment capitol of the country, it is almost impossible for the entire group to find something to their liking. Planning your Las Vegas wedding reception to incorporate some of the great Vegas entertainment into the group’s experience is a great way to make sure there are some fantastic group memories of the event.

One idea is to rent a reception room in a hotel that can provide catering to the function. Hiring some entertainment that screams Vegas could be fantastic fun for everyone. An Elvis impersonator for example could really get your group going at your Las Vegas wedding reception.

After the Las Vegas wedding reception (with or without Elvis) you may want to send everyone out to the casinos for some very easy Vegas fun. Perhaps you send each person out with a set amount of cash and have a friendly little contest to see who comes back with the most loot. Maybe there is a prize awarded to this person!

Another fun idea for keeping your Las Vegas wedding reception party partying is to take them all out to one of the glamorous Las Vegas shows. There are always great celebrity shows on there and there is sure to be one that is suitable to the whole group.

Consider a group event for the day before or the day after the wedding as well. A tour out to the canyons or a group golf day at one of the over forty courses Las Vegas has to offer would be another really great way to create some group memories and some excellent group photos for your wedding album.

Use your imagination. Think about the group of people you are bringing with you to your Vegas wedding and consider what types of activities would suit them best. Whatever you decide to do, you will be making some great memories for all your friends and family.