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All About Indian Wedding Sari

All About Indian Wedding Sari

You might have seen Indians getting married and they were probably wearing Indian wedding sari. India is a large country and has different cultures and traditions when it comes to getting married. The wedding dresses will have to depend on the culture of the place. The wedding dress will vary on the region that you are in.

However they wear Indian wedding sari, the type of Indian wedding sari also come in styles which are quite common to the place. To introduce the Indian wedding sari, it is a cloth with a certain length which is being wrapped around the body which follows a design or a pattern which is intricate.

The only thing that holds the Indian wedding sari are pins. It keeps the Indian wedding sari tucked in the body especially in the waistband. When it is wrapped around, there is a remaining part which is draped over the shoulder of the bride.

The “pallu” is known as the remaining length of the cloth when the sari has been wrapped around the body. This is known as the Indian wedding style of the dresses. The Indian wedding sari may come in a variety of colors depending on the theme of the wedding.

There are some Indian wedding saris that are cheap because the cloth that is used has a simple fabric while some of the Indian wedding saris are too expensive because of the property of cloth that is being used. Sometimes, some of the Indian wedding sari is being passed on as tradition goes.

When a woman is going to get married, some of the elders will pass on the Indian wedding sari that they have used during their wedding. This is the reason why Indian wedding sari is kept after the wedding ceremony. This makes it more memorable and for them, it brings some luck that can be passed on to the newly wed.

If you are not Indian but want to wear have an Indian wedding sari, you can have it if you want. However, it is quite hard to look for the sari fabric because you need to go to India in order to buy it. Some are sold in other boutiques especially from Indian boutiques. Most Indian wedding sari is colored red because it is the traditional color of a wedding sari.

The red color also represents happiness and good luck to the couple who are getting married. White Indian wedding sari will represent mourning for the Indians that is why they don’t go for it. No matter how you want to wear a white Indian wedding sari, you cannot wear it in India because for them, it represents sadness.

If you have been used to white wedding gowns, you will be surprised to see Indians wearing Red Indian wedding sari but its how they look at it. Indian wedding sari has been worn for a long time ago but nowadays, a lot of people are wearing saris and you can even see them everywhere.

Now that you know how a red Indian wedding sari is important to the Indian people, you can try looking for it if you want to have a wedding the Indian way. After all, wedding gowns have been common so why don’t you try to give it another taste. Wear Indian wedding sari on your wedding and wear it red.