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Acidity and Coffee

Acidity and Coffee

Has the overproduction of stomach acid been a problem for you in the past? When you drink coffee, do you get heartburn easily? If so, you may be suffering from a condition known as Gastric Acid Reflux Disease, or GERD. Acid Reflux is miserable and the long-term effects can contribute to a myriad of health problems down the line. GERD sufferers often times will forfeit the pleasure of their morning or afternoon cup of coffee in response to the increased acid production that most coffees insight. To the GERD victim, coffee is not worth it. Would you believe that there is a low acid coffee that even coffee lovers that suffer from GERD may be able to enjoy? Much to the surprise of many who would love to be able to drink that morning cup of Joe and maybe even an afternoon cup of coffee without the side effects of acid reflux, there just may be a coffee solution to the problem. The low acid coffee choice for heartburn sufferers is Kona.

Kona coffee is very low in acid content largely because of the volcanic soil and perfect climate it is cultivated in. It makes up about 1% of the world’s coffee and is much coveted for the unique low acid qualities in it. There is a wealth of information currently on the internet regarding the low acid antioxidant rich benefits of this Hawaiian treasure.

Kona is a light roasted coffee bean cultivated on the gentle slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii in three major regions. Coffee that does not say 100% Kona, is an impostor. It is the number one choice for coffee drinkers with an acidity problem. There is one major draw back to Kona; it is expensive! It is one of the most expensive coffee sold. The other major draw back to Kona is it is in short supply and high demand. However, if you love coffee and acid is a problem. Kona coffee may be the perfect choice for you.

Additional ways to keep acid production down if you love coffee and your body is a miserable acid producer is to leave all additives out of the coffee and drink only the pure coffee. Sugar and cream, while they have their place in the diet, have no place in a cup of coffee if you are prone to over produce excess stomach acid. Sugar or cream in coffee acts as a catalyst to produce even more stomach acid that contributes to gastrointestinal upset. The combination of sugar and cream together in coffee is a bomb shell waiting to go off with the first gulp.

Artificial creamers and sugar substitutes are bad actors when combined with coffee and play a destructive role in the overproduction of stomach acid. Many artificial creamers and flavorings contain hydrogenated oils that wreak havoc with the digestive system. Powdered coffee creamers are probably the worst culprit. Many artificial creamers when combined with coffee are commonly associated with an increase in the production of abdominal gas and unwanted discomfort.

To minimize the overproduction of stomach acid and have the best shot at enjoying a good cup of coffee, one might experiment with 100% Kona coffee, fresh ground of course, and no additives.