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A Wedding Planner’s Job

A Wedding Planner’s Job

Weddings are a magical time for any girl. Some have large, fairytale like weddings, while others opt for a simpler, relaxed feel. No matter what your preference is, a wedding planner will be able to help you get the most from that day. One of the most important things to remember when getting ready to announce a wedding, is timing! You want to have at least a year to plan fully, organize, and prepare yourself and fiancé for that day. Nothing is worse than rushing your wedding plans and something going amiss. You will remember that one part for the rest fo your life, the rest of that day will par in comparison. Do yourself a favor, hire someone to do the planning for you.

A Wedding Planner’s Job

A wedding planner is there to ensure you have a less stressful wedding day. We won’t kid you here; it is going to drive you insane for the last few weeks, however, build a good relationship with your wedding planner, and things will be much smoother. So what can your wedding planner help you do?

• Help you choose a venue.

• Arrange catering.

• Arrange flowers.

• Arrange decorating and set up/take down.

• Assist or do completely, your wedding announcements and invitations.

As you can see, having a quality wedding planner will take much of the weight off of your shoulders. You need to be able to trust him/her as this is YOUR special day, and if they are not willing to help you achieve what you are hoping for, find someone else.

Tips to Remember

· Weddings can be expensive; however, there are ways you can very easily save money.

· Plan your wedding in the off season. If you can, get married in the late Fall, early winter. Rates will be the cheapest as many will get married in the summer. Be unique, have a winter wedding and see all the beautiful snow to match your sparkling gown. The white backdrop will give everyone a very radiant look.

· Cash is king. When it comes to booking a DJ or band, or even a venue, you can almost always get a better deal by offering cash.

· Never accept a vendor’s first offer. Call them back a few weeks later and see if you can get the price down anymore. Also, call around for quotes and crunch numbers.

· Try to make as much as you can. If catering is going to cost you an arm and a leg, see if you can make some of the food yourself. DIY is much more realistic for a small wedding, under 60 people. This is also a great way to involve both sides of the family.

Weddings can be magical, and not leave your bank sobbing or a credit card maxed out. All it takes is a lot of planning, crunching numbers, and no shortage of ingenuity.