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8 Steps to Enjoy As You Move From Proposal Through Your Wedding Ceremony to Your Perfect Marriage

8 Steps to Enjoy As You Move From Proposal Through Your Wedding Ceremony to Your Perfect Marriage

Romance is a wonderful thing. Everyone agrees. But how come so many people spend so little time paying attention to it? From the moment eyes first meet across a crowded room, society is trying to rush you toward a wedding. They don’t care about marriage, there’s no money in marriage. (Divorce on the other hand! And then remarriage! Ah, profits are to be made!)

But you’re here, right in the middle of the most wonderful relationship with your perfect partner. Pay attention to each step. Wring the most enjoyment you can from it. Do not rush by into a long endless loop of wedding planning. Snuggle into the dance, relax in your partner’s arms. You have the rest of your life to enjoy. Start now, rather than later!

  1. Proposal and Acceptance: You asked. Your partner answered. But before that happened, there was a wonderful courtship that led to your planning a fabulous proposal to which your partner could only say “yes, yes, yes!” Take some time to consider what’s the best proposal for your partner. If you have an inkling you’re headed toward marriage, and you’re the person who will be asked, consider lining up the reasons you want to marry this beloved partner.
  2. Engagement: Its name says it all. You’re engaged. Planning comes next. This is a little emotional honeymoon in which you revel in the knowledge that you and your beloved have chosen one another as partners in happily and healthily ever after. Spend some time cementing the habits and pleasures of your relationship. What is your favorite restaurant? Where do you like to stroll or hike? What defines you as a couple?
  3. Wedding and Marriage Planning: These days as soon as the ring goes on, it seems as if the next question is “Where are you going to be married?” No one ever asks “How are you going to be married?” Not get married, be married. Why not consider planning your marriage at the same time you plan your wedding. You might wind up with a wedding that looks like you and your relationship and a marriage that’s destined to last.
  4. Wedding Parties: People like to celebrate relationships. They’re happy moments and we all need to remember and celebrate happy moments. In the past, showers and parties were established to help couples gather enough money to start their lives. So many people are being married at points where they have lives. Perhaps rather than gifts of things, or money (which winds up financing a wedding rather than a life), why not ask your community to consider marital advice parties? These parties are also an opportunity to get your community introduced to one another. This insures a more enjoyable wedding day and a richer marital life.
  5. Wedding Ceremony: Tell your community why you have chosen one another to share your life. Ask them for their support and celebration. Offer wedding vows that are relevant to who you are and what you want to accomplish as a married couple.
  6. Wedding Day: This is your celebration of the community who loves you. It’s also their celebration of you and your fabulous relationship. Keep the emphasis on how you spend the day with your community rather than what the wedding industry says is vital to a good wedding.
  7. Honeymoon: I’m not sure when these turned into opportunities for extreme sports or just another vacation. It’s true that most couples know one another better. Many live together before marriage. But your honeymoon is an important part of your courtship. You don’t have to go anywhere for your honeymoon, although that’s great. But you do need to retire from the world. Infuse your time together with your excitement at finally, finally being married.
  8. Marriage: Now’s your chance to live into those exciting and personal promises that you made to one another. If you’ve paid attention through the other steps, you’ll reap a lot of benefits here!

There you go, follow these eight simple steps and move right into happily and healthily ever after marriage! OK, so maybe some of this is really hard. But if you know what you’re doing and when, it will be easier. Just keep remembering, your goal isn’t a wedding. It’s a lifelong partnership. Go for it!