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7 Creative Personalized Wedding Favors Revealed

7 Creative Personalized Wedding Favors Revealed

Weddings are always personal and many couples choose to make everything related to it as personal as possible. This is best done with personalized wedding favors to establish a direct association of the item to the bride and groom. In the future, guests are likely to remember from whose weddings they got those keepsakes.

Fortunately, there are a half dozen ways to personalize wedding favors. Each method is designed for the type of wedding favor you select.

Place cards are meant to show guests where they should sit at the reception. Other than writing the name of the guest on the card, as well as that of the bride and groom, you can extend the personal touch to the place card holder too.

A fall wedding that uses maple leaf-shaped holders can easily use the center of the favor to hold the date, the happy couple’s names or even the location of the wedding. That provides the guests with a unique gift to set on the mantle back home.

A Las Vegas wedding may include playing cards for favors. Arrayed on the table in handy packets, they can include several forms of personalization. The names of the bride and groom could be embossed on the back, while the logo of the hotel that hosts the reception can be emblazoned across the top. Some copyright or trademark restrictions may apply here, but most hotels are happy for the free advertising.

Plan to decorate the tables with chocolate mints for your guests to enjoy? A range of styles and colors are available as favors. In Las Vegas you might want to select poker chips, which can easily have personalized text on the wrapper. Planning to please your guests with coffee or tea favors? The packets provide a convenient spot to include your wedding’s design theme.

Many favors are wrapped or decorated. That gives yet another opportunity for personalization. A box of party favors might be wrapped with a ribbon that is printed with names, date or a special phrase you use in your ceremony. A bag of candies can be tied with a bow that contains your personal message.

Personalize tea lights by engraving the bottom of the tea light holder with your monogram, or you can simply place a sticker label that has your names and wedding date. If you’re feeling creative, you can personalize the candles themselves. Place a personal message on the inside bottom of the tea light holder. Your guests will see this message only after the candle has melted. You can even have the candles molded into shapes to go with your wedding theme – like a starfish for beach-themed weddings, a little snowman for winter weddings, a flower for spring weddings, and many more.

But those tealights have to be lit, so how about some personalized matchbook covers? The outside can be embossed with your personal logo. Flip open the cover and there is a small map leading to your reception. On the back, guests find the names of the bride and groom and the date.

A wedding favor can easily be personalized just by putting a sticker, a picture or a small tag. No matter the size of the wedding favor, big or small, it becomes priceless not because of the favors themselves but because you put a little of yourself into making them.