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4 Useful Tips That Could Help You Choose Practical Wedding Favours

4 Useful Tips That Could Help You Choose Practical Wedding Favours

Wedding favours form an important part of your wedding plans where you would want to thank the guests attending your wedding with a little token of appreciation. There is nothing compared to the blessing and good wishes that you may receive but a gift having a touch of personalisation can make them feel special. While you and your spouse go about choosing them, you should keep it in mind that whatever you purchase or make for a return gift, it should be of some use to the guests. Unwanted things that add to the junk in the house can be annoying. Therefore, when you sit and plan the purchase, you could consider these useful ideas that would be easy on your pocket as well as please the ones receiving it.

1. Edible Bomboniere – While you hover on the idea of purchasing or creating edible favours, it is something that everyone young or old would love to have as a gift. If you have a themed wedding planned, you can match the kind of gift accordingly. You can choose from amongst a range of ideal edible treats such as candies, cocktail mixes, sugared almonds, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, miniature wine bottles, etc.

2. Realistic Bomboniere – Purchasing gifts simply because they are cute cannot crack the deal. Something that you may find cute may be worthless to the guests. You could opt to purchase little candles, soaps, flower seeds in a growing tub, photo frames, shot glasses, bottle openers, salt and pepper holders, etc. These would come to use for the guests and would remind them of you whenever they use it.

3. Personalised Gifts – You may order to get your initials or the wedding date printed on items such as candles, scrapbooks, wine bottles, goody bags, key chains, etc. This would be of great use to the guests while reminiscing your special day and the moments that they spent at your wedding.

4. Handmade gifts – If you take the effort and have sufficient time to create handmade gifts for your guests, there would be nothing like it. Handmade gifts may include flavoured olive oils, flavoured vodka, jams, sauces, pickles, cookies, dips and several others that you may wish to prepare.

These wedding bombonieres can be chosen depending on the guests that are to arrive, the budget you have finalised and the theme. It eventually depends on you and your spouse as to what exactly you want to present to your guests. The above tips would provide you with a complete idea of what to choose.